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Hello and welcome to Madame Success!

This blog is launched on 8. March 2017 by a Ukrainian and two Russian friends living in Paris.

We love telling the success stories of inspiring women from all over the world. Stories make the world smaller. By listening to each other’s success stories we can learn that each woman’s vision of success is unique. We ourselves define our own terms of success and find the ways to grow, to become better, to live a happier life, and to make the world a happier place.

Our goal is to increase awareness that our female world is a universal place. We want women from different cultures to learn from each other’s wins, share with each other what they love and what helped them to overcome difficulties.

We want every woman to be able to find her own, her personal definition of success and know that there are other women around who want the same, who have done the same, and who succeeded.

We just believe, if others did it, and it inspired you, you can do too!

Who we are:


Elena Lysak
Elena Lysak

Elena LYSAK: A social scientist, journalist, teacher, and a Ph.D. student in Gender Studies at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.




Olga Fromentin
Olga Fromentin

Olga FROMENTIN: A financial analyst in tech industry/ linguist with a particular interest in culture, arts, and books.



Natalia Yurevich MadameSuccess.com
Natalia Yurevich

Natalia YUREVICH: A digital strategist, blogger, entrepreneur, the Founder and Editor of the site.




We are also very grateful to Anastasia RUFIN, a wonderful photographer, and a friend for her support and help with many of the amazing photos on this site.

The credit and thanks for the Featured Image “About Us”Julien Fromentin.