Who we are

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We stand for equality, diversity, peace, and loving kindness.

Who we are:

Elena Lysak
Elena Lysak

Elena LYSAK: Social scientist, journalist, teacher, and a Ph.D. student in Gender Studies at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

Olga Fromentin
Olga Fromentin

Olga FROMENTIN: Financial analyst in tech industry/ linguist with a particular interest in culture, arts, and books.

Natalia Yurevich

Natalia YUREVICH: Founder and editor, Digital Marketing Consultant, Mindfulness Practitioner.

We are very grateful to Anastasia RUFIN, a wonderful photographer, and a friend for her support and help with many of the amazing photos on this site.

The credit and thanks for the Featured Image “About Us”Julien Fromentin.